Finrod Vargidan

Wizard son of the Vargidan sorcerer clan.


Str 9; Dex 20; Con 16; Int 20; Wis 8; Cha 9
AC 15, Touch 15, FF 10
HP 9
Fort 3; Reflex 5; Will 1
BAB 0; CMB -1; CMD 14; Melee -1; Ranged 5

Has familiar Compsognathus “Compo”
Str 8; Dex 15; Con 14; Int 2; Wis 11; Cha 5
AC 15, Touch 14, FF 13
HP 4
Fort 4; Reflex 4; Will 0
BAB 0; CMB 0; CMD 9;
bite +1, 1d3-1 +poison


Finrod has been the black sheep of the family for as long as he can remember. He is the only member of the family that has not shown any signs of innate magical abilities associated with sorcerers. Finrod suspects that there are secrets about him that have never been revealed.

In the crypt, there were gifts for the others in the group provided by their families. The gift for Finrod was provided by the community. When his father was approached about a gift he sent them off with their tails between their legs. Finrod was not surprised by this, just further evidence of the abuse that he has had to deal with his whole life.

Finrod has mixed feelings about why he decided to become a wizard. Either it was because he wants to be like his brothers and sisters and therefore to accepted as part of the family or he wants to prove that he can become more powerful than the one true evil that he has known his whole life.

Finrod Vargidan

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