The Staves of Creation

Session 1: Departure

This year’s quest for the Everflame is special: it has been 4 years since the mayor last decided to send a group of young heroes to the crypt. The adventure begins during a solemn ceremony in the town square, in which the characters are sent out to retrieve the Everflame. Although almost everyone knows that the challenges they will face are nothing more than tricks and illusions, the entire town plays along, unaware of the very real danger that lurks ahead.
Iwo Tanaka, Finrod Vargidan, Oug, Iron Wolf, and Torin are the five youths to set off on this year’s expedition.
On the road to the crypt, the characters have a chance to get to know each other. They must face off against their first foes, illusions cast by the town’s resident wizard. They defeat the illusionary orcs, followed by the smell of the pipe smoke of Holgast. There, they set camp for the night.



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